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Nippon shaft

Nippon shaft has revolutionized the golf game, making its shafts the defining component of the ultimate obsession. The Press is very enthusiastic about recent Nippon Shaft developments.


They do not want to be a designer of golf clubs like so many others. Their experience is in the field of forging technologies and physical metallurgy. Gimar Golf is a division of Forging Technologies, a company specializing in forging and metal forming industries around the world.


AeroTech Golf Shafts is a leading design and manufacturer of composite graphite golf shafts and composite golf shafts, including SteelFiber and Volant Shafts.


Miura’s rich history is deeply rooted in the tradition of excellence, creating a unique ancestry in the manufacturing of forged golf clubs. The following film will make you discover the incredible story of this mythic golf brand.


ORKA Golf is a multi-award winning, leading hardware brand for professional club building, club fitting and product design utilizing innovative technologies.